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The Journal of a Traitor

The Journal of a Traitor

I didn’t realize I was a traitor at first. I thought our cause was just and we were cleansing the universe of evil. The gloomy creases beneath my eyes tell the tale of a dead man. The color matches the depth of darkness that has accumulated in my soul as snow gathers on ground in a blizzard. There is no beauty, only cold shifting drifts of death.

I am beyond redemption and if a true God exists she will most assuredly ask a high price for my soul – there is no one left to pay. Perhaps someone who hears my story will accept my final actions as a down payment and have pity on my soul.

I saved a life and allowed that one to corrupt the only innocent ones left. My story is a warning to any who may survive. The Thorlinthians are to be feared. They will come to hunt any and all who remain – if any remain. That though is not the warning. A way more dire truth awaits those who receive this broadcast.

Linthia was the best of us all. Their twelve worlds never wavered and they warned us all. We didn’t listen and they paid the price. Now they are separated from their history and on a mission to take revenge on the remnants of glorious Tyria.

The warning I have for all of you is that a Deep Deceiver’s assistant survived and has a reconstitution chamber. I ask you to hear my story and promise I will end it with a gift to all who survive.

A Traitor’s Tale

The sun was green in the evening sky as I arrived at the Academy of Truth. The morning star was long gone and I could hear the whispers of the ships that crossed the night sky. I knew that my journey had started and I would be a star in the new order. The universe would rid itself of the false truths of Tyria’s priests – the Kuli.

They claimed they were not priests. They claimed they were only guardians of Tyria. They claimed to be peaceful. Yet when the war machines of Tyria arose against the king they were designed and built with Kuli technology. When the soldiers of Tyria arrived they fought with skills and weapons provided by the Kuli.

However, they made a fatal error. They didn’t know about the king’s alliances with neighboring solar systems. They didn’t know about those systems’ alliances with their neighbors and so on. The Holy High Seer personally negotiated those treaties and others saving the lives of millions of the king’s subjects and creating the largest alliance ever seen.

My home planet was the third ally of the king and the first to feel the taste of democracy’s military persuasion. We informed the Tyria military that our space was off limits to its military ships. In their long dark ships, like thieves in the night, they rode the solar winds through the corner of our little area of the galaxy.

We met them between the Torotory Nebula and the Rings of Exiquer. Everyone thought that history would remember the Battle of the Rings as the beginning of the end of Kuli domination. Unfortunately the battle did not go well as the light cruisers were destroyed one by one. Beautiful white ships with gold stars on the tail section burning as their fuel pods exploded one at a time. The view was as impressive as it was devastating for my people.

In two days, the entire Torotory fleet was destroyed. We all thought the ambush would work and the Tyria battle group would leave our space. No one anticipated they would even fight and we never thought our 700 ship fleet could be destroyed by a five ship battle group.

The Admiral planned on the surprise and overwhelming force defeating the Tyria battle group. Instead of surrendering they split and went in five different directions as we pursued. After seven tetraines, one of our commanders fired on the first of the dark ships and instantly they all five stopped. Thousands of drones exited the portals of each ship and within minutes all of our ships’ drives were neutralized. When the Tyrians called for our surrender the Admiral laughed and told them “You will all die for entering our space illegally”. The Tyrians transmitted a truce from the time of the third Torotory Council that gave them transit rights through the Torotory Nebula and surrounding space for eternity.

The Admiral refused to acknowledge the treaty and called it a hoax. He asked for their surrender again and reminded them that they were out numbered 700 to five. The Tyrians, cowards that they are, started to fly away. The fleet all fired as one on the five ships expecting the dance of flames to carry away the anger at the arrogance of the Tyrians.

It is at this time that the lies of the Tyrians were revealed. Our weapons had almost no effect on their ships. It must be the dark magic of the Kuli that protected them. They claimed advancements in shimmer technology but we all knew that the dark powers of the Kuli protected them. We fought to the last ship and to this day all the survivors are heroes of the realm.

My father told me the tale as his breath wheezed out of the Cobor lung. Forever damned to live inside of a machine he begged me to carry on the fight. “Join the Holy High Seer and defend the right of the King”, he said. So here I am, forty sentaries later, at the great temple, the Academy of Truth, anticipating my initiation.

I am the chosen. From tens of thousands of volunteers they only selected ten. We will be dedicated to the High Council of Truth. It will be our job to sleep the long sleep and await the needs of the Council. I will have the honor of becoming a “core” for one of the Council.

The green cast of the evening sky draws eerie shadows behind the statues of the six members of the Council. As I ascend the staircase to the Temple of Truth I recall the secret of the steps. There are six sections of six sets of six steps as you climb to the Temple. The six sections represent the six members of the Council. The six sets represent the six areas of the galaxy they come from. The six steps symbolize the six Truths the Academy is built on. At the top of the staircase is one large door to the Temple that symbolizes the Holy High Seer as the guide for all who seek the Truth.

Every member of the Council is given a “core” of their own. One of the six Truths is “A person’s knowledge is more important than the person”. To this end, one of the highest priorities is to preserve the knowledge of those who know the most. To accomplish this every Council member regularly submits to a brain scan to record their knowledge. Then if anything happens to them the information is transmitted to their waiting “core”. The receipt of this knowledge automatically places the person on the Council to prevent the loss of knowledge.

By this method, the Academy of Truth protected its information against the greatest depravations of the Kuli and survived when everyone thought they were exterminated. To be selected as a “core” guarantees a seat on the Council. My family was so proud. I entered the Temple with great anticipation.

Three weeks later I had still not met the Holy High Seer and my training consisted of medical examinations. The questions mounted and the answers were few. After four weeks I was brought to an office where I met with one of the medical officers. They told me that I passed all the tests and was ready to begin my duties.

I asked what my duties would be and they said “To sleep”. Further queries did not elicit a response as I was led to a metal walled room. As a slab slid out from one wall I felt a shiver slide up my spine. For the first time my faith was challenged. This was not the program I signed up for. I laid down on the table.

My skin burns and I know I am in hell. My faith failed me and I did not find the heaven I was promised. I see nothing and my limbs will not move. The harder I try to move the more the pain increases and the greater the burn on my skin. Eternity never felt so long as it does now. How could things have come to this? These were my thoughts as awareness returned.

The medics finally removed me from my chamber. The light streamed through my closed eyes as my head exploded in pain. The first visions were of blinding light brighter than ever imagined. The pain shot into the center of my brain as if a metal pick was thrust through my skull.

They smeared an ointment on my naked body and it cooled the burning skin. They poured liquid into my eyes and the pain subsided as my vision returned. However, the pain had only started. Every organ in my body screamed as it restarted and the entire process took three days of excruciating pain.

Nothing in my experience prepared me for the truth about my awakening. I was not chosen to be a host for the knowledge of a Council member. The attendants informed me that I was chosen for my ability to survive a deep sleep. Why? The answers to the infinite number of questions did not come. Once again I spent my time going from medical check to doctor to medical check.

This time I did receive some information that only served to add questions. I was seven thousand sentaries in the future. The war was not going well. For a few thousand sentaries the forces of the King prevailed as the alliances brought additional systems into the fray, stretching the forces of Tyria to the breaking. However, the Kuli brought their dark magics to play and slowly turned the tide against the King and his allies.

I realized that much of my knowledge worthless and outdated. The current King was the great, great, great grandson of the original King and they all received longevity treatments. The current King was two thousand three hundred forty two sentaries. So what could I possibly contribute to the battle? I felt worthless, confused, and not a little angry.

They moved me out of intensive care into the main section of the medical facility. There was nothing I recognized anywhere. I could not operate any of the technology, the buildings were strange, the clothes did not make sense to me, nor did any of the constellations. On the fifth day I considered the possibility that I may actually be in hell.

On day six I opened my eyes to orange flashing lights. The triple moons of Crettium echoed through my room in pulses of intensity that seared my eyes even after they shut. The room shook and I bounced off of the walls as the universe appeared to end. Alarms sounded and voices screamed as panic filled the air. I threw myself against the door as fear filled me beyond the breaking point and my world went black.

The world around me was dark again as I awoke. I felt rough hands grab my arms and pull me toward a searing heat. I fought back as my brain reeled with the thoughts of being dragged by demons into the fire pits of hell. My right side screamed as it touched the burning door frame and I blacked out once more.

I heard music floating on waves of nausea through my mind. A sweet voice encouraged me to wake up and a soft hand held mine. My insides released their contents with a violence I never knew before. My body convulsed as if to protest its recent treatment. Too many shocks to the system and my body’s rebellion started. The next morning arrived with no rest and empty insides.

The music drifted in and out of my room with gentle caresses of soft sounds that remained to dance on my thoughts. The sweet voice continued to speak to me and finally I opened my eyes to an angelic face with deep green eyes and the sparkle of ages. She was beautiful and she was a Kuli medic. My heart sank and hope fled; I was in the house of the demons.

She saw me cringe and pull away. The smile faded and the music stopped as she realized that I knew. The dark magic only works if you let it and I planned on resisting. When I looked up again she was gone and only a medic was left. I looked around and saw no trace of her. I asked the medic where she went. He said, “who?”

I asked where I was. The medic told me I was on the medical ship Hristro headed away from the fighting. I asked if there were any Kuli on board. He laughed and said, “No one has seen a Kuli medic since before I was born. The Kuli medics all died sentaries ago and the few other Kuli that remain are in the thick of battle.” Then he surprised me. “Besides, there were only you and an old priest left alive so we don’t need that level of help anyway.”

The few days I was awake confirmed that our Truths had not changed and One of the Six Truths is: “No one can lead you to God because God is everywhere.” Therefore we have no priests, only teachers of the Truth. We believe that only those that God calls to her can come to her. So, we concentrate on knowledge and leave faith promotion to lesser groups. So who was the priest? And where did my “vision” come from?

Over the next few weeks I sleep, eat, exercise, and rest. I am alive, in enemy territory, and surely am bound for a prison. My sleep is deep and my worries are few as I am resolved to suffer quietly for my beliefs. My Kuli medic does not return and finally I meet the “priest.”

He is an old man with slight limb on his left side. There is a scar that runs across his right eye and all the way down to his neck. A bald head sat atop a thick neck where multiple tattoos declared him a priest of the Holy Order of Tyria. The Holy Order of Tyria is the oldest religion in the entire galaxy. They are huge supporters of the Federation and tireless proponents of requiring all planets and systems to be a democracy.

He smiled and embraced me as if I was his long lost son. “My assistant has returned to me” he said as he held my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes. When he hugged me again he whispered “act as if you have known me all your life” into my ear. I smiled at him and fell to my knees in homage. “Arise my son” he stated with elegance born of years of practice.

We went to his quarters where he turned on a small black box with three pyramids sticking out. Then he started to explain. He told the Tyrians that he was a prisoner on the planet they captured and that his assistants were missing. There were only three survivors and the other two were janitors in uniform. The Tyrians agreed to find him passage to his church in the outer edge of the galaxy in the Wetrig wing. We are almost there.

After we land we are escorted to the church where the staff clearly recognizes the “priest” and welcomes him home. They refer to him as their “light” and guide from heaven. It is hard for me to keep from screaming the “Truth” at the top of my lungs. The priest, also known as T’ Nouret, smiled and embraced them all one at a time. Time seemed to drag on forever as the sick charade continued for at least an hour.

After much ceremony we slept and awaited a new day. The morning brought a visit to the clinic where I was led to an underground bunker behind a secret panel. It was time for the truth to be told. T’ Nouret started with his job. T’ Nouret is a priest of the light and has been since his youth. He cautioned me to restrain my questions till the end and I settled back to hear the tale.

The Holy Order of Tyria requires all regions to submit candidates for priesthood based on the membership numbers of that region. The candidates must be younger than six years old and their training lasts until they are seventeen. At seventeen they undergo a complex surgery that sterilizes them to help avoid temptations of the flesh. T’ Nouret laughed at this and said “What a weak cover for the implanting of a hyperphase transmitter.”

I did interrupt and asked “Do you get sterilized?” T’ Nouret frowned a little and stated “Yes. They must do that to keep the cover.” He continued on and told of their placement with an experienced priest for the first ten years where they are watched day and night. At 38 the priests either disappear or receive their own church.

T’ Nouret paused and motioned for me to hold my questions. I was bursting with curiosity and his request was very difficult to honor. His manner became serious as he continued. “There are no priests of the Holy Order of Tyria that are not completely loyal to the Holy High Seer.” I think my world disappeared in a haze of confusion. These facts crashed against the sea wall of my beliefs with a thunder that roared in my brain.   

He smiled as he noted my discomfort. “The evil needed to be purged from the galaxy at all costs” he said. He went on to explain how the Academy of Truth had tried for thousand upon thousands of sentaries to eliminate the Kuli to no avail. So they changed their master plan to include a supreme deception. The Holy Order of Tyria was designed as a counterpoint to Academy. While the Academy stayed behind the scenes and committed visible mistakes, the Holy Order was visible and appeared to stand against the beliefs of the Academy.

He continued, “the creation of “peace” was very successful against the Kuli. The galaxy did not need them and they faded away. When the war started they were almost extinct. The last Supreme Guardian died with no replacement as the plans had predicted. However, there were two unknowns that changed the course of the war and spelled doom for the Academy’s grand plans.

The first was the Kuli who took the deep sleep. The Kuli avoided products of Academy’s science as one would avoid the plague. Yet for some reason, two of them took the long sleep many times. The grand plans called for the loss of Kuli knowledge as the war dragged on over time and these two prevented that from happening.

The second unknown was the role of the peoples of the Galactic Wing. The Galactic Wing is one of the spiral arms of the Tyrian galaxy and is situated almost totally separate from the rest of the galaxy. This separation resulted in the entire arm being populated by one species. This separation also resulted in the war avoiding these people until the very end. We calculated that they would not entry the fray and at first we were correct. This arm made huge profits by selling arms and ships to both sides. The Grand Plans counted on this neutrality to last for the entire war. It did not as the Murhans, with one exception, sided with the Tyrians.

The center of the Galactic Wing is the home of the star system known as Linthia. The Linthians are the foremost proponents of neutrality in the known universe. It was believed that they would keep all the rest of the Murhans neutral. None of us could have predicted the side effects of the Virtrocet plague. The plague left all of the galaxy’s species, except the Murhans, with no connection to the life-force. This meant that all new Kuli came from the Murhans. As we targeted the Kuli more and more as the war progressed, the Murhans started to take this personally and they sided with the Tyrians. The entire Galactic Wing, except the Linthians, put their resources at the disposal of our enemies. The Grand Plans started to fail as once again the difference was the Kuli.

All of the forces of the Holy High Seer were ordered to retreat to the King’s star system. There they were to be the bait to draw the last of the Kuli into the open. The Holy High Seer was planning an ambush and we were all to participate. I was waiting with the final group at the hospital where you were revived when we were attacked.

The attack destroyed the facility that was the key to the ambush. Now the Holy High Seer and the remaining Academy members will have to fight it out with the remaining Kuli. We are doomed to miss the battle and the Tyrians sent us here thinking we are one of them”.

When he completed his story, I had nothing to say. Everything I believed over the years has turned out to be a deception and my life is in the hands of someone that spent his life living a lie. The religion I hated was created as a huge deception by those who preached the truth and I was assumed to be a loyal follower who understood this.

“What is our next step” I said. The smile that spread across his face chilled my bones as I started to realize that this priest still did not feel that the war was over. “We need to make sure that the Kuli do not survive. We must release the plague of Torusis. All of the loyal forces have immunity as do our spies. Soon we will rise again” he said. Almost as an exclamation point, the world trembled and we were thrown to our hands and knees.

For five minutes we bounced around on the floor as the world crashed around us. Never, in my experience, had there been an earthquake as devastating as this. When a piece of the roof fell in, I made the greatest mistake ever, I pushed the priest out of the way.

I saved the life of one of the most evil men I had ever known. The earth shook again and we both fell to our knees. Only the strength of the bunker saved us. Three days of repeated events left the entire planet in total disarray and with millions dead.

Hungry and weak we emerged into a disaster zone. All around us was destruction. I glanced at the priest and saw a smile cross his face. Evil and excited the look ran my blood cold as I realized how much he enjoyed the destruction around us. He loved it and soared with an energy that defied his years. I finally understood how wrong I had been over the years. If this was an example of “truth”, then I preferred the lies. I now know that I am a traitor to all.

Five secorits later, I watched the scout ship land. The planet’s defense system was still online and what little still functioned attacked the ship. They ease at which it avoided damage made it clear that it was the Kuli. The ship was a cruiser of great speed and we also needed that ship to escape. The priest had released the plague and now he wanted to put the rest of his plan into place. He believed that all over the galaxy people were going to rise against the Kuli once the plague hit and they could not heal the disease. All of the academy followers were immune and this should leave the galaxy finally in the hands of the academy. How wrong he turned out to be.

Six planetary cycles later we are able to enter the ship. Once again, the secret priest controls that have been built into all ships, allow access to most ship controls. We loaded seven crates of unknown contents and our limited luggage. We were not able to take much food, but the priest felt that the crates were more important.

As we took off I watched the planet fade away into the dark. Death and destruction were left behind and the priest was once again ecstatic. He turned to his control panel and tapped in the code for the academy. There were no responses except from a few beacons. All of the channels were dead. The censors were fired up and he scanned all bands. There was a cry from the consol and the readings came in. Whatever disaster hit our planet also hit the rest of the galaxy as everything was dead or totally disrupted.  The priest started to turn and the ship jumped.

Something caused the ship to jump without a command. The priest reviewed the panel and then laughed. “The ship is set to automatically perform a full power jump to Linthia” he said. He went on, “I would not have executed a full power jump as it wastes too much fuel, but that is near where we wanted to go anyway. The Galactic Wing is almost totally undamaged by the war and that is where we will release the plague.”

I asked, “Did not the controls show galaxy-wide devastation?” “Of course, that was to keep anyone from using the ship. Standard Kuli lies!” he noted. It seems as if the standard lie is to accuse the Kuli of lies. What purpose does my life serve? Why and where are we going? How can the Academy be so deceptive without being exposed? I sit down and contemplate my next actions. With almost no one alive and those dying I wonder what my future could be.

The blinding swirl of light that accompanies the return to real space dances across my eyes. I look to the control panel for a view the famous Linthia system. Linthia is a custom built solar system. The Linthians achieved technology at such a high level that they were able to move their planets. All the planets are positioned around their sun in perfect formation allowing for the best climates in the galaxy. Their planets have no disease, no predators outside of parks, and agriculture integrated completely into their biodegradable structures.

Even during the war people from both sides visited the Linthians. It was only after the Murhans joined with the Tyrians that the Galactic Wing was cutoff. I knew that if anyone survived it would be the Linthians. I looked at the view screen and froze.

 The Galactic Wing is famous for its beauty and the Linthian system is the jewel of the wing. It contains a perfectly clustered group of stars that revolve around one huge star around which all the planets are perfectly aligned. The view is renowned for the awe inspiring vista it paints. Some even say that it is the only view that can truly touch the soul.

The ancient Linthians had the power to move planets and suns. They started to rebuild the Galactic Wing to their own design. Yet one day they just quit and dismantled their equipment. They always remained the best at technology yet after that point their profits came from correcting errors others had with their technology.

Today the impressive view was gone. Directly in front of us is chaos. Scattered remains of planetary bodies were strewn around the center of the wing. The center itself was a black abyss that appeared as if it was a sheet of ice on a dark night. Linthia was no more!

The priest screamed, “No! The Star Channel should have allowed the Holy High Seer to escape – not this. We must go to the battle and save him!” He started reprogramming the controls only to scream again, “No!” He slammed his fist on the panel as he raged over and over, “No!” Blood splattered from the damage on his hand and he finally stopped his rampage.

“The Star Channel was our backup plan. If the ambush failed, the Holy High Seer would still destroy the Kuli and use their power to transport over here through the Star Channel. The Star Channel should have taken their power and used it to move the King’s system to a spot next to Linthia. Now there is nothing.” He hung his head and I felt my soul grow cold as the life seemed to leave my body. I lurched to the floor and clenched my heart as the pain surged through me. As I weakened I saw his strength return – what was this?

His smile returned as he said, “Now you understand your place. I see in your eyes that the truth has finally arrived. Remember the truth “A person’s knowledge is more important than the person.” Well it is very true. However, a grown person brings their own ideas into the mix when the knowledge is carried to a new body. For that reason, we use your bodies to regenerate our own. Your body was linked to mine in the hospital. If the Kuli had not attacked, you would be old and I would be young again. Now all I can do is draw small amounts of energy from the implants we placed in you.”

My defeat was now complete. I was a traitor to all and I had helped with an evil so big that it destroyed a galaxy, ruined and killed the real heroes, and obliterated the one system that could have helped us rebuild.

He smiled again and said, “It appears that everyone has died on all the planets. My scanners show nothing except at the location of the last battle. It must have been great as there are a lot of energy sources left. We must find a fuel source. The Kuli rigged this ship to come here and to consume all of its fuel. Then we must revive the ancient cores of the High Council. They will know what to do.”

The seven crates – six members of the High Council plus the Holy High Seer. We are carrying the Academy of Truth on this stolen ship with no fuel lost in the middle of a field of destruction beyond compare. How appropriate.

“Will we revive all seven?” I asked. He answered that we would not. One would have to be sacrificed so that the others could live. We would have to empty one reconstitution chamber and put someone in it so that their body energy could revive the other five council members. Then the empty chambers’ energy and the one with the body in it could regenerate the core of the Holy High Seer. Clearly he considered me disposable and intended me to be the “someone” in his story. The council member cores could be revived without regeneration but would be weak and with so much time as a core, they would degenerate rapidly outside their container. It would be critical to find a body for each of them as soon as possible. From where?

Most of my strength had returned but I was still scared. How could I have any hope of stopping such powerful and evil beings? If everyone is dead, who cares? Let it end. I was just about to give up when the priest commented, “The ships will never reach the next galaxies and if they do, we will find them, eliminate the Kuli, and build things the way they should be.” “Someone survived” I asked.

“Yes” he said. He went on, “I have the captain’s log from this cruiser.” The fools somehow managed to trap the power of the battle and even planned on dying in the effort. However, they did not know that the Holy High Seer had tapped the power of the Linthian Star Channel and so the forces escaped down the channel instead blowing out of the solar system. When it was released here it caused the devastation you see. However, the attack fleet of Murhans and Kuli survived intact. While some went to check planets for survivors, the others retooled the ships for crossings to other galaxies. They can try to hide, but we will hunt them down.”

The five High Council members had revived and were discussing the connections for the core transfer when I entered the room. They all smiled and my blood went cold. It was clear that they all were the greatest type of evil. They believed that they were Gods and that, as the truth says, “The end justifies the path.”

I hooked the Holy High Seer’s chamber to mine and connected all the other chambers together to draw power. No one wanted to take the chance that there would not be enough to complete the process. They were all so arrogant. They ordered me around as if I were a dog. They left the directions on the table as they discussed how they would destroy the remaining Kuli and take over the seed colonies that the Kuli were sending out. It was clear now who worked to build and who worked to destroy.

I am almost done when the universe lights up again. I watch in slow motion as the council members and the priest fly across the cabin. They slam into me and once again the darkness fills my mind. I awake and see the six of them with fear in their eyes. I smile inside as I wonder what could chill the soul of ones so cold. The ship is a mess and everyone has cuts and bruises. It is evident that once again they were surprised. The great knowledge they hold is clearly filled with holes.

They are intent on reviving the Holy High Seer. They tell me that only he has the knowledge to understand what has happened. However, most of the directions to the chamber hook-ups are now destroyed. Only one of the archive units holding the Academy’s knowledge base is intact and they fear it will harm them if they use it. It is decided that I should use it under one of its control settings to see if it still works.

My brain screams with delight and pain. The knowledge courses into me like a beam of light in the night. They think it is controlled, but it is not. It brings me all the information I request without hesitation. It is too much and I surrender to the darkness once more.

When I come to they ask if I learned how to hook up the chamber. “Yes.” I said while smiling deeply inside. I review the connections and tell them that everything is almost ready to go. As I lower myself into the chamber I finally have a sense of peace I never knew.

There is no pain this time. I am outside the field. The chambers were hooked up wrong. The power couplings were not strong enough to handle all the energy and they burned up. The energy was funneled into the Holy High Seer and fried his core into oblivion. All of the chambers, except mine, were destroyed. The single remaining archive unit can only be used for one person’s knowledge, and with only one chamber they could not force their knowledge onto anyone. If they wished the knowledge to go on, it would have to be downloaded into a willing recipient as I destroyed the controller and that was the setting left on.

I emerged from the chamber to confusion. The Holy High Seer was finally dead and they 1ooked as if they had seen a ghost. “What happened?” I innocently asked, drawing all the confusion into my voice that I possibly could. “The field built wrong and the energy flowed to the wrong sections” the priest said. “The controller must have received damage when we left Linthia space” he added. It was good that they had an answer and I left the matter alone as everyone stared at the incinerated core of the Holy High Seer.

Three tetraines later, the damage from exposure to the field was starting to show. All of the Council Members were experiencing dementia of one sort or the other. Even the priest was having difficulty maintaining his demeanor.

The following morning a glorious sight came into our view screens. In the middle of empty space was the Linthian solar system with its circling stars and planets. They are thrilled. As we draw near the joy recedes.

The planets are no longer in perfect order orbiting the sun and many are missing. The ones that are left do not follow the nice paths left by the ancient Linthians. Instead they careen around the sun in wild erratic paths that bring into question the sustainability of life. The question became, “Is anyone left alive/” The tumult we experienced on the ship must be nothing compared to what whole planets and suns went through. Without fuel we slowly drift toward the system using our positioning thrusters to aim at one of the more stable planets. Without food enough for all of us, the Council members took the deep sleep in the cruisers lifeboats.

The priest and I maintain the ship while they sleep. There are no communication channels open and we only see night light on one planet. At least some are still alive, but do I want them to experience this evil? I know I must do something as the Academy’s version of the “truth” does not resemble reality in any way.

We should land in two days and I have made my decision. I need to leave a record for any who come this way and the record needs to transmit on both sides of the tear in space we went through. I wish I understood more, but the knowledge I received from the archive unit indicated that the Holy High Seer planned to use the ancient technology from the Linthians to move the King’s solar system into the Galactic Wing. The process opens a channel in the fabric of space itself through the use of energy from an alternate universe. Perhaps now as we saw the chaos in the Galactic Wing and view Linthia in another universe we know why the ancient Linthians quit using the technology.

The second thing I need to do is warn the Linthians about this crew. I now believe that they are the most dangerous people left alive. I am going to disable the ship’s thrusters. The ship will never be able to land and will drift forever. Then I will set up a warning for the Linthians.

The priest was asleep and I snuck up on him with the syringe. As I injected him he awoke and his surprise was complete. The drug disengaged his control over my implants and returned all of the power left. I felt a surge of energy as he collapsed back into his bed. I realized how dependant he was on his implants as his true age became apparent.

When I returned to the control room I saw my mistake. There was an asteroid coming and now I had no way to avoid it. I have three cycles to record all that I can.

I am preparing this message as the asteroid approaches. My last gift to you is knowledge that the Linthians of Thor survived with their planet almost completely intact. They have a couple of lifeboats left that they are using to move between planets. There are many Linthians still alive.

There are two bad news items. First, where ever this is, time is not the same. Thousands of generations have past here. The inhabitants took the name of the planet as their own – Thor of Linthia or Thorlinthia.

The second is the Council. When the asteroid hit I was seriously injured and would have died had the Thorlinthians not found me. As it was, they revived the Council while I was incapacitated. The priest helped them and found a volunteer for his own renewal. By connecting a deep sleep pod to the reconstitution chamber he thought he would regenerate his body. He did not know that instead his knowledge would be transferred into the volunteer and he died from the shock of finding himself still in his old body.

However, I must now add a warning to my message. The story told by the new version of the Deep Deceiver’s assistant is quite a ways from the truth. The revived Council members backed him up and convinced many before they died of some sort of dementia. The Thorlinthians believe that the Murhans caused the great wars and that between the Kuli and the Murhans their system was exiled to this place.

Encrypted section

Not all Thorlinthians believe this. I was found by the Qzicy family. The Thorlinthians are now a warrior caste system and the Qzicy family is one of the top. The law allows all prizes to be kept and I was “salvaged” so I am kept. All the rest of the people and the ship were sold to the High Command.

The Qzucy family has records from before the exile that show the Kuli to be benevolent teachers of high technology. Their records show that at the time of Linthia’s retreat from technology two groups formed. One that believed in isolation and eventually resided completely in the Linthia system and a second group that formed the Kuli to train others to use high technology in peaceful ways and to protect civilization from improper uses.

The family has a third history that is not written in their books but that is passed down to the children by word of mouth only. I encrypted this into my message with a Kuli code that the archive showed me. (I apologize for using your information without permission.)

The third history is of a group of ancient Linthians that were banished. They took the high technology and infused it with the life force in ways that allowed harm to come to those whose life force they used, even at times causing death. This group was stripped of their ability to use the life force and sent off into empty space away from all galaxies.

They did not die as alone in space. Instead one family took pity on them and sent a rescue unit for the group. That family was the Qzucy family. The group used a reconstitution chamber to place the intelligence of the greatest member of their group into the body of a genetically pure young man. This body was then put through the core process. When the others died he lived on using other bodies while keeping the core in deep sleep.

They showed me the crest from his chamber. It was the chamber of the Holy High Seer that I had killed. Their guilt is absolute and they dedicate all of their family to the cause of the Kuli. Yet their mission is to remain undercover and work from the inside. They saved me and helped me prepare the capsule I now send.


The group that captured me took me back to the ship so that I could show them how things worked. During that time I finished this message. Heed my warning.

After thousands of generations of suffering, the Thorlinthians are recovering their technology. They are determined, beyond all that I have ever seen, to have their revenge upon the Murhans for the tragedy of beautiful Linthia and the deaths of billions.

My gift to you is this message. Heed my warning. The Thorlinthians know of the seed races and plan to hunt them down and seek their revenge. Their bitterness runs cold and vengeance drives them all. Their race once ruled all the galaxy and had technology that could move stars. They will return and when they do let all beware and be ready!

The Watcher – Awakenings

The wailing of the alarms awoke me from my deep sleep. 638 times they have gone off after various cosmic events. Perhaps I was wrong to insist on this posting. After the death of J’Rontia and her Soretto, I became the leader of the Kuli by virtue of my seniority and exercised that authority by ordering the creation and manning of this post. The Cosmic Tear must be watched in case anyone finds a way to return.

J’Rontia made it clear in the last commands that we must find the Linthians and return them to this universe. The Cosmic Tear may present a key to their recovery and I determined that it must be watched. Someone needs to listen for messages and monitor the Cosmic Tear to see if the universe starts to heal or if it gets worse. No one volunteered.

The machines work to restore my body to life and I am extremely grateful for my Kuli training. How anyone handles the awakening from deep sleep without it I cannot comprehend. The agony of the body is extreme and only a retreat into meditation makes it bearable. The alarms continue to sound.

When I am able, I make my way to the display and find that the sensors received a message sent through the tear. I sit down and start to read the message from the “Traitor.” I was correct in establishing this base. I forward the message to the seed galaxies and start my recovery process from deep sleep. I will recover, complete the required trainings, and then return to the deep sleep I dreaded so much before.

My life has meaning again and I know that the passage of time will no longer be a drain on my soul.

The Linthians live and there is hope for redemption. There is also danger as the message warned: Beware the Thorlinthians!