Thorlinthia is the original creation of Dirk D. Dykstra II. Dirk has penned a multitude of stories about Thorlinthia and how it built itself back from disaster. He follows the Thorlinthians as they find they way back to the regular universe and attempt to understand what happened to their people, even while seeking revenge. His stories are thought provoking, very visual, and bring the reader directly into the life of the characters.

Dirk has developed many story lines that have attracted readers of all ages as he explores the impact of a cataclysmic event on the survivors and their decendents. Remnants of the technological achievements of their ancestors abound along with the frustration that comes with knowing that a group of beings deliberately destroyed their civilization.

Dirk’s father, Dr. Dirk D. Dykstra, wrote the “Last Commands of J’Rontia” as the main back-story about the galaxy Tyria and the events leading up to the catastrophe that destroyed Tyria, tore the fabric of space, and expelled the Linthia system (later to be know as Thorlinthia) through that tear out of the regular universe. Since that time, Dr. Dykstra has written many stories about Tyria and other galaxies before the fall. In addition, he has explored the times after the fall, mainly through the characters “The Watcher.” Dr. Dykstra moved on to create two additional series dealing with the Silver Realm and the Order of the Silver Star.

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