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Welcome to Thorlinthia

The attempts by the Thorlinthians to hide their presence while preparing for the destruction of mankind came to an end in the year 2006 AD with the discovery of one of their journals. A young man in West Texas came into possession of a journal belonging to one of the Thorlinthian High Commanders. The journal provided clues to various Thorlinthian weapon and knowledge caches that the young man investigated at great risk.

The journals are varied and contain the history and knowledge acquired over a millineum by the Thorlinthians. While the maps in the journals helped the young man find additional materials, originally most of the journals were worthless as they are written in Shrudon, a rarely used, Thorlinthian language. However, the capture of an Earth computer with translation software has given hope that all the journals will some day be exposed to the people of Earth in time to save the human race.

The site of the discovery was not a Thorlinthian cache location. The young man had stumbled upon the command center for the Kuli guardians. He took with all that he could load on his scooter. When he returned to the site, all he found was a warning. “Use what you found wisely and we will let you live. We are watching!” As with all Kuli actions, we wonder what is intentional and what is not.

Come with us as we journey into the past trying to find answers that will help us prevent the destruction of all mankind.